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Meow Meow #1Defilement and RegretI think this is my first comic ever

Society6 is having a sale:
Use this link to get 5% off and free shipping off this, and any other print in my store.
You will get the thing if you use the link and the offer stands until Sunday is over.


(Source: illseabass)

I found a Scotty from a couple years ago.
I made a selfless portrait the other day. I did not know the turnaround was so short (2days) so I made something quick.What’s not swaggy though is that they can sell prints of your work. But it’s still a cool thing to do.
I made this for a thing but it was disqualified for not being from a S/S collection. I really like how it turned out, so it’s not a total loss.
Two Headed Boy was turned into a T-shirt with the help of Beloved Bastard.Check it out, especially if you live in the EU. Thanks!
beep beep
For the Threadless Captain America challenge - if you’d like this as a shirt vote here!
#Ghetto, 2013
Hey, if you’re on DeviantArt you might have heard of the FIAT contest. Here’s my entry and you can check it out here:
THRILLHO 2013Simpsons Threadless contestVote Here
I made this for TenPacesandDraw but they didn’t post anything this week (or last?), what a drag
Wild Ducks, 2013
Caitlin Power F/W 2013