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when you take a bad selfie
Boys Boys Boys

T-shirt line ideas

Sad Gay
Gay as Hell
Can you not
Butch Bitch

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I quit my job last month. It’s been nice. I saved up enough to be comfortable while I look for something else, but I have not made much progress. In addition to freelance illustration, and merchandising I have decided to open up my own design agency, and also start an arts magazine to be distributed locally with the purpose of advertising my illustration work and the agency’s, among other things. It’s all very unofficial right now, but I’m excited to see how things go.

White Guys Only

It’s really strange reading that. There was someone I really liked that I went on a date once, and he showed up on Scruff and his profile says “White guys only” and I guess that’s why he just dropped off.

That’s cool if you’re racist but just keep it to yourself
Or let it be known so I can keep away?

I don’t know


Well who doesn’t is in need of money but at the same time this will be some practice.

Just send me a message if you are interested or email me at!

I only accept payment through paypal!

I’ll draw whatever as long as its not any furry with a long nose.

Check out all my examples in full size here.

All slots will be open forever hahah no but really for the time being just come at me bro!!!!

If you are not interested but still like my art pls reblog whooooo

Karina was super swaggie by reblogging my commission post so I couldn’t not return the favor. Commission her incredible prices for someone so skilled, do it!

Hi guys, I have opened up portrait commissions. Please spread the word if you can.You can contact me at seb@illseabass.comand you can see my work at
Hey guys I made this for the Threadless Surrealism contest, please VOTE
This way I can rebel without any permanent damage to my body
Here’s a work in progress of something coming up. Diggin deep into my subconcious

wellthisisratherawesome asked: wartortle in 7 :>

Wartortle for Mitchy. This is the first piece of pokemon fan art I’ve made since I was like 7??

dollydaggger asked: draw pornstache from OITNB in number 3

I haven’t seen this show but this is what I assume goes on.

halfnakedbanana asked: Akira or Son Goku in 4

Ok, here’s Akira but like he’s cute and also on of those troll toys with the long hair

remember when I asked you guys to tell me to draw stuff? Well, not making any promises but
If you’re lacking inspiration, just draw your favorite thing. Like a character from something or a hunky rugby player (◕‿◕✿)